Roughly 3.7 billion people, which are 67% of the world’s population, are infected with type-1 herpes-simplex virus. If we go on counting the patients infected with type 2 herpes simplex virus and those who are infected but still aren’t aware of the infection, the number will double in no time. Unfortunately, this is the world we are living in. every day a few unlucky people get added to the list every day, millions of people search the internet for a cure for herpes. Till the last few years, antiviral drugs were mostly searched but today, the scenario has completely changed. Herpes patients have gradually realized that antivirals are not only ineffective in treating herpes permanently, but they are also extremely harmful if used continuously for a long time. This disturbed not only the herpes patients all over the world, but also the scientists who were trying to improve the antiviral drugs. It is understood because herpes patients only had antivirals. But, this gave birth to the idea of utilizing alternative cure for herpes. And this idea leads us to wonderful product- silver for herpes.

Yes, silver is gaining popularity among the scientists as well as herpes patients. It is nothing new and the evidences of its medicinal use exist in ancient literature. The kings of the ancient times used to eat in silver utensils. Today, everything has changed a lot with time, but not the medicinal properties of silver. And on looking at the strong antiviral properties presented by silver during a few experiments conducted, anyone can get a justification behind using silver in herpes treatment. By the way, do you think the medicinal properties of silver are discovered recently? See, researchers today are just verifying what ancient medicinal science- ayurveda has claimed. Yes, medicinal use of silver is nothing new, traditional healer ayurveda has been exhaustively utilizing it by incorporating the metal in many of its formulations.

This might be surprising but silver alone is not the only product which is used in ayurveda since ages and is now being reported as a great healer by scientists. Well, we will throw light on this aspect later on, but before that, let us see what science has to say about the use of silver in herpes. Since research is what we all believe today, let us see a few research evidences relating to the use and effectiveness of silver in herpes.

The concept of using silver as a medicinal agent is nothing new and we have research evidences supporting its use since the last decade. “Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antiviral Agents” was published in Molecules back in 2011 is one such example. According to the researchers, viruses still are the biggest threat to humanity. Although there have been improvements in antiviral therapy, but with a wide margin of ineffectiveness. Hence, new antiviral agents are urgently needed to continue the battle between invading viruses and host responses like herpes simplex virus. Since everyone today is aware of the ill effects of artificially synthesized drugs and the world is gradually moving towards natural healers, this antiviral agent is preferred to be natural. As a result, products like silver and some natural products are being tested for their effectiveness against many viruses. According to the scientists, some studies have recently emerged showing that metal nanoparticles can be effective antiviral agents against HIV-1, hepatitis B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, herpes simplex virus type 1, monkeypox virus, influenza virus, and Tacaribe virus. Silver surely is one of them. Whether you believe the present, or simply trust the history, silver for herpes has traces of effectiveness everywhere, it is just a matter of how well you utilize it.

Another such research testing the antiviral impact of silver particles was published in journal of nanobiotechnology. “Mode of antiviral action of silver nanoparticles against HIV-1” was the title and the scientists tested silver nanoparticles once again, but this time it was a life threatening disease. This inspects the method that silver takes on to defeat HIV. Yes, there are claims that silver can help in HIV. Don’t you think if something has a potential to fight with HIV, it can surely help you get rid of herpes too? Yes, the stigma associated with herpes is surely very high, but the disease is merely an infection. Much hype was given to herpes because it did not have an effective solution. But with silver for herpes treatment, along with herpes will end its stigma.

Let us not go into much detail as we are now sure about both- the effectiveness and safety of using silver for herpes treatment. But, the real question is- how to use silver in herpes? Well, eating in silver utensils was a great idea, but the people of that time had a immunity strong enough to ward off every other disease. And eating in silver utensils just helped them. But today, you actually need silver in relatively higher concentration because you are targeting herpes. Now, you have two promising alternatives with which you can use silver in herpes while keeping yourself safe. First one is to use colloidal silver for herpes or any other such products containing silver. Health stores and pharmaceuticals are selling many variants and brands of this product. It is famous for mild allergies and viral infections like cold. This is going to work against herpes simplex virus, but you need to see the pros and cons related to the use of this product.oral herpes

However, if you want, you can go on with treating herpes with ayurvedic medicines containing silver. You will easily find many many ayurvedic formulations containing silver as an active ingredient. May be ayurveda knew how to use the potential of silver. Yes, you will get the benefits of silver for herpes and for many other infections by just taking a set of ayurvedic medicines. Silver for herpes is present in the form of bhasma and chandi bhasma/ silver bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine that alone is a cure for many acute infections. Apart from chandi bhasma/ the ashes of silver, the bhasma prepared is actually used as an ingredient in other ayurvedic medicines.

If we look back in the history, the concept of using metals in the form of reduced sized particles is age old since Charaka Samhita. And in India, there is no other text that can be considered more scientific than charaka samhita, right? But today, even Indians are influenced by the western techniques and medicines. This is why there was a doubt regarding the safety of ayurvedic medicines containing metals and everyone is searching for scientific proofs in ayurveda. Luckily, with increasing interest in ayurvedic medicines, we are not short of research findings supporting the use of ayurvedic medicines and different bhasma. Silver bhasma also has many research outcome clearly indicating its safety and efficacy.

In addition to the antiviral action of silver in herpes, it is the neuroprotective nature of the product that motivates one to give the ayurvedic product a try. Because of the entire process of bhasmikaran, and some other herbs being added to it, silver for herpes can act directly on nerves. Chandi bhasma contains nano particles of silver, and hence it penetrates deep into the nerves. Hence it is famous for its use in various mind related disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. If you are a herpes patient, I don’t think there is any need to tell you all these are inevitable in herpes.

Chandi bhasma or silver for herpes is a holistic cure because it addresses all mind related issues. Silver nanoparticles for mind are good because of their Antidepressant action. Starting from minor stress and depression, to treating paralysis and epilepsy, chandi bhasma or raupya bhasma can do it all for you. This ayurvedic medicine works by strengthening the nerves and by improving the blood circulation in the body as well as brain. We are constantly under pressure of hiding the infection from others, and in no time this pressure is converted in stress. Stress in turn calls for a lot of other physical as well as mental problems. Of course herpes outbreaks are also one of the problems that hit you frequently because of increased stress. You get more stressed because of these frequent herpes outbreaks and the cycle continues. To break this cycle, there is a need of a holistic cure that not only helps you in the herpes outbreaks, but also clams down your stressed mind.

Silver for herpes is surely that cure and using ayurveda as a medium to use silver in herpes eventually gives your body several other benefits of ayurveda. So, it is now your time to utilize the goodness of silver along with the magic created by ayurveda to eradicate the herpes simplex virus from your body. Instead of wasting your time and money on antiviral drugs, try to set your body free of herpes simplex virus using sliver for herpes.


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