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Home remedies for herpes- are they really effective?

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a medical condition, a viral infection to be precise. It is very itchy and painful problem, generally seen in both men and women. There is serious social stigma associated with herpes and that makes people suffering from herpes even more uncomfortable. It can cause painful blisters and cold sores in mouth, lips and genital parts. High fever, headaches, backaches, vaginal discharge and fluid filled blisters are some other common symptoms of herpes.

herpes remediesIf you are a long time sufferer of herpes, you may know very well about the unpleasant symptoms and discomfort that show up at the most unexpected times. If you are recently diagnosed with herpes, you must be going through certain stigma that comes along with it. Herpes word itself either makes people laugh if they don’t have it, or make it embarrassing for those who have it. There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel depressed about. It is a physiological condition that can be treated. The statistics clearly show how common and widespread viral infection herpes is. In USA, millions of people are suffering from herpes virus.

The simple fact that there are millions of people like you who are trying to deal with herpes at the same time does not really comfort anyone. You may start believing that you did something wrong, that you could have avoided it or you are the only person to be blamed for the condition you are in. These kinds of thoughts make one vulnerable to depression. It has been observed that most herpes patients are also suffering from the depression problem.

Some Important Facts About Genital Herpes 

Genital herpes is most common among people. It is a sexually transmitted disease which can easily spread from one person to another. If you just found out you have genital herpes, we hope you will find it very reassuring to know the facts about the herpes virus and what treatment option is right for you.

genital herpesWell, till now there is no cure which can eliminate herpes virus completely from our body. Once it enters in your body, it will never leave you. It will be in your body for rest of the life but the good news is that you can manage it with the help of some herbal supplements and medicines. Viral infections are generally treated by antibiotics. Antibiotics are the body’s natural form of defense which makes your immune system strong enough to fight off the diseases. In genital herpes, antibiotics help to reduce the symptoms of herpes in first episode. If you are suffering from HSV1 or HSV2, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to stop discomfort which stems from the presence of blisters. For relieving the pain of HSV1, doctors generally prescribe Nervocaine and Zilactin-L. Mild symptoms of herpes may usually be managed without any medication. More severe symptoms are treated with the antiviral agents such as Valtrex and famvir. They are not preventative medication; they just reduce the pain and outbreaks. These medicines reduce the intensity and duration of both the forms: HSV 1 and HSV 2. Surely, these medicines reduce the pain and discomfort but they also give some side effects which are really annoying and unbearable. The side effects they include are nausea, diarrhea, headache, vomiting and liver problem.

How do Natural Remedies help in Herpes?

As you can see, medicines for herpes are not so successful, so many people start trying natural cure for herpes and it works effectively. Natural remedies are considered better option than medications because they do not harm you and does not give you any side effect as medicines give. You can try lemon balm, aloe Vera gel, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, green tea, coffee, ice pack, tea tree oil and many others to reduce the severity of pain and blisters.coconut oil for herpesNatural remedies are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent which help in managing the symptoms of herpes naturally. They have the ability to directly penetrate deep into the infected cells and stop the symptoms of herpes. By eating right food, bringing some lifestyle changes and using herbal remedies you can easily manage the herpes outbreaks. Holistic treatment promotes a powerful immune system which helps to fight off the infection.

Herpes cannot be cured, but natural treatments keeps the virus dormant, control the symptoms and lower down the pain resulting from the outbreaks. If you are wondering how to manage its annoying symptoms, start eating healthy food, consume antiviral herbs, apply essential oil and relieve cold sore pain.

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