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Home Treatment of Herpes – Is it Possible?

Do you know you can treat herpes at home? The home treatments will make you forget that you are infected with herpes simplex virus. Are you aware of some very effective home remedies that are leaving the antivirals behind by helping herpes patients in living a carefree life? Believe it or not, you can manage the symptoms of herpes very well at home; all you need is awareness about certain facts and tools available at your home. These tools will act like an aid in achieving your goal.

Before going further there is some important information that you will not like to miss out. A new and ayurvedic treatment for herpes is being created. This has already shown good results for the herpes patients it was tested on. It is becoming popular day by day.

Till the last year everyone was busy buying antivirals and was helping the pharmaceutical companies in making millions from the pockets of all herpes patients in the United States. Yes, it is a bitter truth that the act was in no way was related to curing herpes. The only benefit of antivirals was for those who were selling them and may be those who were prescribing them. For herpes patients they were more harmful than beneficial. 

Since the last few months herpes patients are searching for something more promising and beneficial to take care of their outbreaks rather than spending money on antivirals. The cost of antivirals is of course high but the reason behind shifting to alternate herpes treatment is the side effects that antivirals induce in our bodies. Once you come to know what the possible complications of consuming antivirals are, you also would definitely abstain from the harmful drugs. Herpes-InfectionThe side effects and complications have some probability of happening in every other disease, but when it is herpes you cannot control the prolonged use of the same antiviral again and again, and in this case the probability converts into certainty. You are more likely to get some temporary or permanent health ailments if you use antivirals to treat herpes.

All these factors together have contributed to the development of distrust towards the conventional treatment method of herpes. Gradually as the awareness is spreading to different people, more and more herpes patients are turning their heads towards home remedies for herpes cure. This is natural; nobody would harm his/ her body after realizing how much destruction antiviral treatment of herpes can do to their health. You also must be using antivirals till date, or have left the use sometime ago. For you and all other herpes patients it is high time they decide their preferences and choose what is best for them. If you are still in a dilemma, try interacting with those herpes sufferers who are living an amazing life after learning how to deal with herpes at home. And if that also is not possible, try the following home remedies for herpes.

Some Home Remedies for Herpes Treatment are:

Warm water bath

Surprised? Yes, bathing in warm water is also a treatment for herpes. You must be bathing almost everyday, but in case you have herpes outbreak, instead of bathing in five minutes, make sure you lie down in the bath tub for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also take care of the right temperature of water you are bathing in. It may hurt your cols sores if the water is too hot, and if it is cold, you will not get the desired results. Hence always take lukewarm water for bathing, neither too cold, nor too high.

Natural oils

Herpes-InfectionThere are so many natural oils present in our surrounding. You can replace your ointments with these oils. Doing so will definitely give you equal results if not better, and at the same time your skin will not be harmed in any way. Talking in detail about natural oils, there are four best oils that can help you in treating herpes at home. The first one is coconut oil, very common oil used for moisturizing the skin. This oil is a source of nutrition, applying it on head, skin, cold sores and even eating some part of the same can bring unbelievable changes in your body. Apart from coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, and oregano oil are the other three oils which you must try if you are looking forward to treat herpes at home. In fact you can use them after mixing any two to enhance the effectiveness.


CornstarchCornstarch works great on the colds sores resulting from herpes infection of both the types. owders have been used since ages for their drying properties. Baking powder and cornstarch can be used interchangeably. You can use whichever is available at home. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the cold sores and it will absorb all the excess of moisture on and around the sore. Keeping the sores dry is important as one can avoid developing any other infection in the cold sores by doing so. Hence this is the home treatment for keeping the herpes sores dry.

Domeboro powder

Domeboro powderDomeboro powder is not so commonly found at home, but you can get a bottle for you if you see the sores on your body quite often. Domeboro powder is an excellent astringent which not only keep the sores dry but also relieves the herpes patient from itching. Itching makes you move your hand towards the sores every now and then. This must be avoided as the chances of infection at other sites and hurting yourself are very high when itching is there with the sores. There are medicines and ointments that claim to reduce itching in herpes sores, but you can achieve the same with the help of domeboro powder. In case you do not have domeboro powder at home, cornstarch also can solve your problem.

Home treatment is incomplete without hygiene

HygieneHygiene is something a herpes patient should never forget. Instead of putting useless burden on your mind by thinking about the infection, the source that transmitted it to you and all other kind of negative feelings, you can put your brain towards maintaining hygiene. Whichever treatment method you choose to treat herpes, antiviral treatment or home treatment, all is waste if you cannot keep the sores and your surroundings hygienic. You will land up transferring the current infection to other sites if you touch the sores every now and then. If you do not take proper hygiene measures during applying the oil or powder on the sores, the infection can increase instead of decreasing. Try not to share you personal items like utensils and tooth brush with anyone to avoid transferring the virus. Wash your hands before applying the treatment on the cold sores and also the second time after finishing the treatment.


GoldensealThe three alkaloids present in goldenseal- berberine, hydrastine and canadine makes it a good treatment of herpes at home. These alkaloids make the product antiseptic in nature and also add anti inflammatory properties to them. Goldenseal has been used for a long time by Native Americans for healing purpose. And now it is used for the benefit of herpes patients. Goldenseal pills are sold at health stores, the powder of its root is also available in tincture form. A herpes patient is recommended to take 250mg to 500mg of goldenseal thrice daily until the symptoms of herpes vanish.


HoneyHoney is the sweetest home treatment for herpes. Honey has the capability to fight many minor temporary infections like cold and it can also treat permanent infections like herpes. Honey is the ultimate tool if you want to get rid of antibiotics for herpes and for other day to day health ailments. It is also an immunity enhancer and hence a must have for herpes patient treating herpes at home. If you want to recover from the outbreaks really fast, then you can bring home manuka honey, a honey specifically suitable for treating herpes.

Watch this video to know “How Manuka Honey Is Beneficial as a cure for herpes? “

Change your lifestyle

YogaThe virus is within us, sometimes active and the other times dormant. We cannot do much about it, but we can surely change the way of dealing with it when it is in active state. You cannot live the same life once you are infected with herpes. Yes, your life changes but for the better. One must leave all the unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking in order to keep the herpes virus silent. Apart from these unhealthy habits, you must inculcate some good habits like exercising, yoga and meditation. With yoga and meditation you can relieve yourself from stress and can live a much happier life. Choose the food that suits your body and not the virus. Spicy and packaged food triggers outbreaks, and hence must be avoided by a herpes patient. You should instead choose green leafy vegetables, fresh and colorful fruits. The aim should be maximizing the nutrition intakes and minimizing the food that the herpes virus likes. This way you will give more strength to your immunity and this immunity will eliminate the need of any other treatment for herpes.

Starting from the skin issues like cold sores, itching in the blisters, fluid oozing out of those red sores, and the unevenness of the skin, to the internal physical symptoms of herpes like fatigue, high fever, dizziness, everything related to herpes can be taken care of with these home treatments methods. In fact, the mental symptoms, the stress and anxiety which are left untreated by the antivirals are also very well addressed with these home treatments. You will feel the difference from the very day you start using these home treatment methods. Your life will experience a big change once you use them regularly. Many herpes patients are already gaining benefits from these methods and everyday some more are added to the community. If you also try them a few times, automatically you also would become a regular user of the home treatments for herpes as their effectiveness would not let you skip them. It is definitely not as simple as taking antivirals, but the home treatment is much more effective also. To attain maximum benefits at lowest possible cost, one has to do some efforts. And effort from your side is the only input these home treatments require to make you successful in your attempts. If you do these efforts regularly, then you can deal with herpes at home. There won’t be any need to visit the doctor every now and then if you get in tune with the home treatment.

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